What a Life

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What a Life : A Kaleidoscope of Rajinder Puri’s Cartoons

By partha-chatterjee, arvindar-singh

Category: Humour
ISBN: 978-93-86906-05-2
MRP: 495

In this kaleidoscopic collection are of some of the best political cartoons since Independence by Rajinder Puri. Used as a vehicle for spreading public awareness on the burning issues of the day, these cartoons give us a glimpse of Puri’s virtuosity as a prescient columnist, fearless writer, and activist. His work exudes a certain directness and purity of purpose that continue to impress and intrigue discerning readers in its combination of realism and humour. No matter how controversial some of Puri’s cartoons seem, his vision of the society, politics, and life will continue to play an important role in contemporary culture.

Format: Paperback
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