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Aurangabad : Jewel of the Deccan

By rashmi-jolly

Category: Heritage
MRP: 595

Aurangabad: Jewel of the Deccan is a simple guide book that recounts for the lay tourist, briefly and accurately, the architectural and cultural splendour and history of the ‘Walled City’—Aurangabad. Malik Ambar, known as the founder of the city of Aurangabad, was a great supporter and patron of the arts and architecture. There is information on the fifty-two gates leading to the walled city. Some of these gates barely exist and others are in a state of repair by the Archaeological Survey of India with generous corporate patronage.

This slim volume presents in chronological order the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Ajanta, Ellora and nine Aurangabad Caves. The nine ancient caves in the city centre reveal rock-cut architecture of the highest possible standard and quality, depicting Buddhist ‘Jataka’ tales and other stories based on India’s diverse religions. Bibi-Ka-Maqbara portrays Islamic architecture. The population of Aurangabad consists of Hindus and Muslims living in peace and harmony from time immemorial

Format: Paperback
Size: 192 mm x 170 mm
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