The Tenth Unknown

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The Tenth Unknown :

By jvalant-nalin-sampata

Category: Best Sellers, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Olive Turtle
ISBN: 978-81-89738-97-6
MRP: 295

‘Borders change, kingdoms, empires and even entire civilizations rise and fall. You will see the entire history of humanity as a tapestry and not be wavered by the prevalent political scenario, no matter how bleak it is. You will never pledge your loyalties to any kingdom or empire. Your loyalties will always lie with humanity and you must always use this knowledge for the greater good and never for personal or political gain. The greed inherent in every human being will tempt you to do otherwise, but the presence of the other eight will help keep you in check. You have been chosen because I believe you to be the finest men and women of my empire. Finally, you shall never reveal your existence to the outside world. You shall call yourselves “The Nine Unknowns”.’

Praises for The Tenth Unknown

1." The plot is interesting and takes readers to the long-forgotten part of Indian history and legends as the Germans, British, and Indians race to secure the book. A high-paced novel, which keeps the readers' attention till the end" -All About Book Publishing

2. "The book takes the readers on a roller coaster ride. The backdrop of world war is used intelligently. Some of the real incidents and characters are used to supplement the fiction very well" -mandarbookreviews.blogspot.com

Format: Flexiback
Size: 216 x 140mm
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