Flora of the Southern Western Ghats and Palnis

978 93 85285 17 2 20221117234836

Flora of the Southern Western Ghats and Palnis : A Field Guide

By pippa-mukherjee

Category: Nature & WildLife, Travel
ISBN: 978-93-85285-17-2
MRP: 1250

A comprehensive field guide, this book records about 200 species of trees, herbs, shrubs and climbers, found in the southern Western Ghats as well and the upper Palni plateau. It lists the name of the genus, the species, the short name of the botanist who classified the plant, and the family name of the plant. The common English names as well as the local names of the species in various regional languages of India are also given. Not only is the distribution of the species in various parts of the world explained, but also a physical description of the species, including its leaves, flowers, and fruits are mentioned. Medicinal as well as general uses of any part or parts of the plant are also explained in most cases. The author, however, warns the reader that use of any species for medicinal purposes must be preceded by doctoral advice. This is an extremely useful field guide not only for the general readers and nature lovers, but also for students, teachers, and researchers in botany.

Format: Flexiback
Size: 229 x 153mm
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