Deeg Palace

Deeg Palace : Its Romance and Wonder Book

Deeg Palace : Its Romance and Wonder

By Bharat Chugh, shalini-chughA

Category: Heritage Books
ISBN: 978-93-83098-53-8
MRP: 1250

Deeg Palace: Its Romance and Wonder traces the journey of an architect through the fantasy water palace of Deeg which was the capital of 18th century Jat heartland. Designed by the Jats to recreate the symbol of Radha and Krishna’s romance (raas leela), it portrays a unique cultural confluence of Mughal–Rajput garden palace architecture. Enriched with explanatory photographs and three-dimensional drawings of its captivating water cascades, scintillating water features and exquisitely decorated stone architectural embellishments, the book is a tribute to its unknown artisans. It captures the spirit of Deeg by not only analysing the marvellous stonework and architecture but also the modulations and metamorphosis of events that led to the shaping of Deeg. It sees Deeg as a part of a larger fabric beyond just its magnificent superstructure and decorations, the buildings mirroring the times they were constructed in.

Format: Flexiback
Size: 228 x 228mm
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