Wild Treasures & Adventures

Wild Treasures & Adventures : A Forester’s Diary Book

Wild Treasures & Adventures : A Forester’s Diary

By Sunayan Sharma

MRP: 395

Wild Treasures and Adventures: A Forester’s Diary is a series of thrilling episodes from the author’s life as an Indian Forest Service Officer. 

From close encounters with tigers, elephants and other ferocious animals to daredevilry with timber smugglers and poachers of Rajasthan, Sunayan Sharma recounts tales from his life in the service of the nation’s wildlife reserves. 

Through these true-life episodes, readers will witness an all-encompassing human–non-human interactive ecosystem—from old hunting tactics to developing innovative habitat infrastructure, to encouraging community participation and awareness, to relocation of endangered keystone species like the tiger.

Format: Paperback
Size: 216mm x 140mm; 208pp
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