Traditional Indian Handcrafted Textiles

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Traditional Indian Handcrafted Textiles :

By anjali-karolia

MRP: 3000

This two-volume set of books puts forth various traditional hand-painted, printed, and resist-dyed textiles from different regions of India. It focuses on examining the history of textile traditions and their characteristic features. Volume I analyses the techniques of painting, printing and resist dyeing. It includes documenting and understanding processes, colours, materials, and motifs with their symbolism. Volume II analyses various traditional hand-woven textiles from different regions of India. It explains the techniques of weaving and types of looms used. It includes documenting and understanding the weaving processes, colours, raw materials, and motifs used in Indian hand-woven textiles. Over 1000 photographs and illustrations have been provided, over the two volumes, to help the readers identify the textiles. This is a comprehensive text, written in a structured and understandable manner as a ready reference for all students, research scholars, and academicians in the field of clothing, textiles, and design.

Format: Hardback with dust jacket and slipcase
Size: 240mm x 176mm
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