RK Laxman

RK Laxman : Back with a punch Book

RK Laxman : Back with a punch

By E. Unny

MRP: 299

RK Laxman was one of India’s pre-eminent cartoonists for many decades. His creation, the ‘Common Man’, became an indispensable part of the morning newspaper
for Indian readers. Laxman’s insight into Indian life, his gentle humour and caricatures of the political leaders of a newly independent country, had a profound impact in India and abroad.
In this book, EP Unny describes RK Laxman’s life, the influences that led him to become a much-loved cartoonist, his work ethic and the nuances of his craft. It is a tribute from a leading cartoonist to a master of his art.
Written in Unny’s succinct style, this monograph offers a concise chronicle of the master cartoonist’s journey, as Laxman’s pen captured modern Indian history for readers in India and across the world.

Format: Paperback
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