Natyacharya Sisir Kumar Bhaduri

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Natyacharya Sisir Kumar Bhaduri : Pioneer of Modern Indian Theatre

By amal-mitra

MRP: 350

This ultimate collection on Natyacharya Sisir Kumar Bhaduri includes snippets of history from 19th-century Bengali theatre and also commentaries of the noted personalities of the Sisir contemporary Bengal stage. The volume, Natyacharya Kumar Bhaduri – Pioneer of Modern Indian Theatre, not only speaks of his great stature as a playwright, but also presents the cultural context behind the birth of the illustrious Sisir Kumar Bhaduri—a master in dramaturgy, a prolific playwright, an outstanding actor and a creative genius who brought about modernism—a new element in Bengali theatre, focusing primarily on realism in stage characterization. The book will definitely reshape the repertoire of public knowledge about Indian theatre, particularly about the pillar and pioneer of the Bengal stage—Sisir Kumar Bhaduri—the first proper director in modern Indian theatre. This first-ever collection in English, devoted to his career and achievements, will, therefore, mark a significant breakthrough in Indian literary framework.    

Format: Flexiback
Size: 216 mm x 140 mm
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