Tracing Marco Polo's Journey

Tracing Marco Polos Journey The Silk Route WEB scaled

Tracing Marco Polo's Journey : The Silk Route

By hp-s-ahluwalia

Category: Travel, Travelogue
ISBN: 978-81-89738-84-6
MRP: 1995

Tracing Marco Polo’s Journey: The Silk Route takes the reader on a fascinating adventure, following Major Ahluwalia and his team members through their expedition of 1994. It is a vivid account of an adventurous trip through cities as exotic as Bukhara, Samarkand, Andhijan, Xian, Yarkand, Kashgar and Lhasa; lush oases such as Hotan and Turfan; the grand Gobi and Taklamakan Deserts; ancient monuments and mosques; ending up finally at the monasteries in the magnificent Himalayas.

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 279 x 216mm
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