PC Sorcar

PC Sorcar : The Maharaja of Magic Book

PC Sorcar : The Maharaja of Magic

By P.C. Sorcar (Jr)

Category: Biography Books
ISBN: 978-93-86906-09-0
MRP: 1995

P.C. Sorcar is one of the greatest magicians of the twentieth century. He single-handedly revived a languishing Indian art and brought it to the world stage. This book is a pictorial account of his metamorphosis into the Maharaja of Magic from very humble beginnings.

Written by his son, who was once his apprentice and now carrying on the proud tradition, this is a deeply personal view of the life and times of a towering figure. Photographs culled from various sources throw light on the magician as well as the man behind the scenes. Rare posters, newspaper articles, cartoons, family photos, private papers, facsimiles of honours and awards add to the richness of the work, thereby providing the reader a closer look at Sorcar whom the greats in his fraternity rated as the ‘Greatest Ever’.


Format: Hard Cover
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