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Udayan Vajpeyi is a Hindi poet, translator, essayist, short fiction and script writer. He has received various awards including a Senior Fellowship from the Government of India.
Bewitched by the magic of words for as long as she can remember, Urbi Bhaduri is forever sniffing out stories in bookshops and libraries and greedily scanning random bookshelves. She is the mother of four cocker spaniels with formal, unpronounceable Bengali names and a little girl who reminds her of Totto Chan. Much of her work, which she calls Maps for Lost Writers, is about having conversations with people who are into making things like books, films or performance art, and helping them through the stickiness of the creative process. She is still into her childhood pastime of interpreting cloud shapes as they form, travel and slow-dissolve across the sky. The sight of red and yellow krishnachura and radhachura flowers flaming against dark monsoon skies is one of her favourite sights in the world. She thinks that many things in the world are a poem. Her first book, a translation of Abanindranath Tagore’s Nalak, is the story of the Buddha seen through the eyes of a little boy.
Usha Usha is an avid fan of The Little Prince and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and she has spent her growing up years believing in magic. At age 17, she became acquainted with Tolkien’s works, and they intensified her faith in fantasy and magic beyond the realities of life. And so, she wrote Living in Dreamtime.
Professor Usha Choudhuri (PhD Delhi University, M.A. Sanskrit, Delhi University, Veda Vachaspati, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar) is a distinguished scholar of Sanskrit, specializing in the Vedas, religion, philosophy, and Indian mythology. With 43 years of teaching experience in the universities of Delhi, Bucharest, and Sofia, her publications include "Indra and Varuna in Indian Mythology," "Vedic Mythopoeia: An Approach to Religion, Myth, and Poetry," and research papers in various journals. She has actively participated in national and international conferences across India and different parts of the world, including the Millennium Trust Conference in Kent, UK on 'The Power of Metaphor' in 2011. Professor Choudhuri received the President’s Certificate of Honour for her valuable contribution to Sanskrit and has been honored by the Delhi Sanskrit Academy and Maharshi Sandipani Rashtriya Veda Vidya Pratishthan.
Usham Rojio With a PhD in theatre and performance studies from the School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU, Dr Usham Rojio is a playwright and theatre director, and also an English teacher. His expertise in Manipuri language, culture, and theatre has been instrumental to this project. He has acted as the interpreter between his co-author and Sabitri, and has helped to bring this book together in the written words. 
Utpal Chaudhuri is an alumnus of Hindu School and a pharmacy graduate from Jadavpur University. A university blue in badminton and hockey, he is a passionate photographer. His photographs have earned recognition both within and outside India. A trained High-altitude trekker with experience in Bengal, Sikkim, Kumaon, Garhwal, and Nepal, Utpal has also topped various debate competitions at the national level. He retired as assistant director of drugs control, West Bengal government, in 2013.
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