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P. N. Venugopal, a versatile freelance journalist, specializes in translating fiction and biographies between Malayalam and English. His translation work includes the award-winning Malayalam novel "Andhakaranazhi," published in English as "Island of Lost Shadows," which earned a spot on the shortlist for the Crossword Book Award in 2016. Quite an accomplishment in the world of literary translation!
P.K. De has worked as Photo Officer, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. He was conferred the Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. 
P.C. Ramakrishna is a veteran theatre actor and director with Then Madras Players. He has translated A. Ramasamy’s work as Gandhi’s Travels in Tamil Nadu. He is the co-translator of Katha Vilasam, a collection of 50 articles by eminent Tamil writer S. Ramakrishnan. He has translated, dramatised and staged Sivasankari’s novel Karunai Kolai, as Mercy. He is a leading voice professional, lending his voice to documentaries, films, children’s audiobooks, corporate presentations, and computer-based learning, and is one of the most-recorded English language voices in India. He has authored Find Your Voice, a definitive guide for actors and voice professionals.
Sorcar (Jr)
P.C. Sorcar (Jr) is the stage name of Prodip Chandra Sorcar. He is the second son of P.C. Sorcar, the Father of Indian Magic. He started assisting his father on stage while still in his teens. When his father suffered a fatal heart attack while touring Japan in 1971, he suddenly found himself on stage as a magician in his own right. Locking himself up in a trunk that was then thrown into the ocean, making an entire train with its passengers vanish in broad daylight, the disappearing act of the Taj Mahal in front of distinguished guests these are just a few examples of his incredible powers of conjuring and magic. An author of close to twenty books on magic, Sorcar (Jr) is the creator of around three dozen illusions that are now regularly performed by magicians across the globe. 
Padma Seshadri, a passionate heritage enthusiast, pursued her education at Indraprastha College in Delhi and the University of Leeds, ultimately earning her doctoral degree from the University of Madras. She has shared her knowledge as a teacher at Indraprastha College and S.N.D.T. College in Mumbai. In addition to her academic pursuits, Padma has authored three heritage-based books for children and contributed articles to publications such as The Indian Express, The Times of India, The Hindu, and Shankar’s Weekly. Quite an accomplished individual with a strong focus on heritage and education!
Padma Malini Sundararaghavan, a versatile professional, works as a freelance editor, writer, and teacher. She pursued her education at Nirmala College, Coimbatore, and Stella Maris College before earning her doctoral degree in postcolonial fiction from the University of Madras. Her insightful articles have found a place in journals such as Literary Criterion. It seems she brings a rich blend of academic expertise and practical experience to her roles. Quite an impressive profile!
Pankaj Saikia is an author and illustrator who lives and works in Assam.
Paola Manfredi lived and worked in India for over 30 years and has been associated with international organizations involved with textiles, crafts development, and conservation. With a background in ethnology, she is passionate about textiles and deeply interested in the history of textile exchanges between East and West. Combining a scholarly approach and design interactions, she has worked with craftspeople and their traditional skills to promote the excellence of South Asian craftsmanship, particularly in Aari, Chikankari from Lucknow, and Nakshi Kantha from East Bengal (today Bangladesh).
Based in a monastic community, Param P. Tomanec's works belong to the permanent collection of the Museum of Sacred Art in Belgium and in private collections.
Parbina Rashid is working with The Tribune and is based in Chandigarh. She writes a column called Beyond Chicken Neck, reviews books, writes opinion pieces, and middles for The Tribune. She has translated stories for The Sentinel (Assam) and Nezine.com, an online magazine. She has translated and compiled a book, Echoes from the Valley, which is an anthology of short stories by 11 Assamese writers.
Partha Chatterjee is a filmmaker, critic, and journalist, who has written on the arts for leading Indian newspapers and magazines like Economic Times, Tehelka.com, New Indian Express, Frontline, and Fountain Ink, among other publications.
Partha Mukherjee is a freelance writer and documentary filmmaker based in Kolkata. He has written nearly 600 articles, features, and interviews for various reputable English newspapers and magazines in India and internationally. In addition to his writing, he has produced several well-received documentaries in both digital and celluloid formats. Partha Mukherjee is also a co-author of the biography "Russi Mody: The Man Who Also Made Steel."
Parveen Talha belongs to an old family of Awadh. She was the first Muslim woman to join the civil services through the IAS examinations. After retiring as Member of the Union Public Service Commission in 2009, she lives in Lucknow and spends time writing about the city she loves. Her writings bring alive the history, folklore, and composite culture of Lucknow. She also works for animal rights and has adopted many strays. Parveen Talha belongs to an old family of Awadh. She was the first Muslim woman to join the civil services through the IAS examinations. After retiring as Member of the Union Public Service Commission in 2009, she lives in Lucknow and spends time writing about the city she loves. Her writings bring alive the history, folklore, and composite culture of Lucknow. She also works for animal rights and has adopted many strays.
Patrick J. Finn is a versatile artist, renowned as both an author and an acclaimed photographer. His diverse professional journey reflects a wide spectrum of experiences and a profound commitment to independent scholarship and lifelong learning. One of his most recent works is "Notes to Myself: Portraits in India." Finn's creative pursuits encompass both the written word and the visual image, making him an eclectic artist who defies artistic boundaries. His dedication to independent scholarship and the pursuit of knowledge sets him apart in the world of art and literature. Through his books and photographic works, he continues to captivate audiences with his unique perspective and creative expression. Patrick J Finn, author and an acclaimed photographer, is an eclectic artist with a broad spectrum of professional experience who expresses an unprecedented passion for independent scholarship and learning. Most recently he published Notes to Myself: Portraits in India.
Patrick Lyons Patrick Lyons grew up in a house full of crime; literally. Almost every room had a crime novel lying around, spread-eagled, face down, his mother's ways of bookmarking. Christie in the bedroom, Rendell in the kitchen and Chandler in the lounge. It was only a matter of time before he picked these books up himself. Patrick wrote his first crime story at the age of twelve. A school competition. He got an A. He also got a talking to about the amount of violence in the story. It did not matter that Patrick didn't win; he was just thrilled with how the writing process seemed to flow. He's been arrested by crime writing ever since. Writing about his experience as an Anglo-Indian growing up in Australia during the 1970s and 1980s is a good way for Patrick to explore broader concepts of exclusiveness, racism, identity and duality. These notions subtly pepper his work, bringing grit to his characters. The often-hilarious cultural clashes he witnessed provide plenty of scope for humour, and an opportunity to reflect on the universal desire to belong.
Joginder Paul (1925–2016) was born in Sialkot (now in Pakistan). His literary journey began with the publication of his first story in the renowned Urdu journal "Saqi" in 1945. His first book of short stories in Urdu, titled "Dharti ka Kaal," was published in 1962. The partition of the country led to his migration to Ambala as a refugee. Subsequently, his marriage took him to Kenya, where he taught English and used his stories to express the challenges of being in exile. In 1965, he returned to India and served as the principal of a college in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, for fourteen years before settling in Delhi to pursue full-time writing. Joginder Paul authored more than thirteen collections of short stories, including "Khula," "Khodu," "Baba ka Maqbara," and "Bastian." He also wrote novels such as "Ek Boond Lahoo Ki," "Nadeed," "Paar Pare," and "Khwabro." Additionally, he contributed to the genre of flash fiction (afsaanche) and significantly enriched Urdu fiction through his work in this style. Many of his novels and short stories have been translated into Hindi, English, and other languages in India and abroad. Joginder Paul received numerous prestigious literary awards, including the SAARC Lifetime Award, Iqbal Samman, Urdu Academy Award, All India Bahadur Shah Zafar Award, Shiromani Award, and Ghalib Award. He also received international recognition in Qatar for his contributions to creative writing in Urdu. His fiction garnered critical acclaim, and many Urdu journals in India and Pakistan dedicated special issues to his work. His fiction has been translated into multiple languages both in India and internationally. "Land Lust" is the English translation of "Dharti ka Kaal," Joginder Paul's initial collection of short stories in Urdu.
Paulami Sengupta has translated fiction and poetry for journals and magazines such as Indian LiteratureMuse IndiaReading Hour, and Parabas. Her own poems have featured in The Sunflower Literary CollectiveCold NoonKrittibasKavi Sammelan, and a few other magazines. She currently works at Oxford University Press, India.  
Paushali Ganguli is a filmmaker who has created animated shorts, one of which received the National Award. She has also directed a children's film and, in recent years, has turned her focus to writing short stories. Paushali Ganguli has made some animation shorts, one of which won the National Award and has directed a children’s film. For the last few years she has been writing short stories. 
Payal Mohanka began her career as a journalist. She has also produced a documentary about Chandernagor, a former French colony, and another one on Mother Teresa.
Pepita Seth is a photographer, writer, film editor, and a 2004 Weiss International Fellow. Her work is centered around Hindu rituals and temple traditions in Kerala.
Jean-Claude Perrier Jean-Claude Perrier born in 1957, in Paris, loves literature, reading and writing. He started working as a journalist and is also the author of several books, including novels, biographies, essays, and travelogues. He discovered India in 1981 and it was a revelation for him. In love with the culture, music, and people of India, he has authored several books with an Indian theme: André Malraux and the Temptation of India, Travels in French India, and Like Barbarians in India (translated in English, Hindi, and Bangla). He received the prestigious French Academy Prize in 2010 for an essay, ‘The mysteries of Saint-Exupery’ that is translated in Italian, German, Russian, and Slovenian.
Peter Van
Peter van Ham is an educator and producer of musical and visual media in Frankfurt. He is a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic and the Royal Geographical Societies, London, as well as of the prestigious Explorers Club in New York City. Peter van Ham has written several books and articles on regions of the Himalayas and is active in curating exhibitions on the subjects of his research. This is his fifth book on North-East India.
Peter Scriver teaches Architectural History, Theory and Architectural Design. His doctoral research, completed at TU Delft, Netherlands, in 1994, examined the interface between theory and practice in the propagation and institutionalisation of modern architectural and engineering knowledge in colonial India through the agency of the Public Works Department of British India. Scriver has to his credit books such as After the Masters: Contemporary Indian Architecture (1990), Colonial Modernities: Building, Dwelling and Architecture in British India and Ceylon (2007), and a recent critical study of modern Indian history through the lens of architecture, with co-author Amit Srivastava.
Pilar Maria
Pilar Maria Guerrieri holds a PhD in Architectural Design, Architectural Composition, Criticism and Theory. She has conducted extensive research on European and Indian cultures, the development of megacities, and the effects of cultural exchanges, with primary focus on Delhi, pre- and post-Independence. She has published in numerous international journals and participated in various national and international conferences. 
Pippa Mukherjee has a degree in nursing and a diploma in teaching. She was on the committee of the Bombay Natural History Society and worked as nature education officer. She also taught natural history at schools in Mumbai and was environmental consultant for BEST for a year. She has published two books, Common Trees of India and Trees of India.
पूनम मिश्राने भौतिक विज्ञान में एम.एससी. की हैं और एमबीए की डिग्री प्राप्त हैं। भारत सरकार के सार्वजनिक उद्यम में अधिकारी रह चुकी हैं। अब वे स्वतंत्र रूप से लेखन और अनुवाद करती हैं। उन्होंने भारत सरकार के विज्ञान और टेनोलॉजी विभाग से सम्बद्ध ‘विज्ञान प्रसार’ और अन्य पत्रिकाओं के लिए कई अनुवाद किए हैं।
Poosapati Parameshwar Raju uses various tools andnibs to  compose his alphabets into works of fine art. He is also engaged with documentation of  indigenous and contemporary pictorial processes.
Prabha Sridevan began her legal career in 1983, and she served as a Judge of the Madras High Court from 2000 to 2010. Following her tenure as a judge, she held the position of Chairman of the Intellectual Property Appellate Board from 2011 to 2013. Since her retirement, Prabha Sridevan has been actively engaged in writing columns in both Tamil and English. She is also a skilled translator, primarily translating fiction from Tamil to English. Notably, she has translated Chudamani's short stories in works such as "Seeing in the Dark" and "Echoes of the Veena," with the latter earning her the VOW award for the best translation in 2019. In addition to Chudamani, Prabha Sridevan has translated works by various other writers, including Seeta Ravi, Imayam, Meeran, Ravikumar, and S. Ramakrishnan. One of her significant translation projects is "Wisdom and Grace," which involves translating the lectures of the Sage of Kanchi.
Pradeep Chakravarthy was born in Tirunelveli in 1975. He completed his education in Madras, New Delhi and London and works in leadership training in a premier information technology company. He has published more than a hundred articles in leading dailies. A series of articles on the Sarasvati Mahal Library was the beginning of his tryst with Thanjavur. His other books in press include one on temple vahanas and another on the lesser known temples in Tamil Nadu. 
Pradeep Chandra is known for his versatility. An eminent photographer, he has written coffee-table books on MF Husain, Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan. He is also an artist who has participated in several art camps and group shows in India and abroad. As a photojournalist, Chandra has been associated with The Illustrated Weekly of IndiaThe Times of India, The Indian Express, The Week and The Sunday Observer, among others.
Pradeep Vyas is an officer of the Indian Forest Service and worked in several wildlife areas for more than a decade. He held the position of the Field Director of Buxa Tiger Reserve and at present holds the office of the Field Director of the Sunderban Tiger Reserve as the Special Chief Conservator of Forests. In recent years he has implemented many modern techniques to minimise man-tiger conflict and anti-poaching activities in the Sunderbans. His earlier publication was The Sunderbans a pictorial field guide.
Pradip Zaveri has always been interested in various art forms, especially Indian paintings. His passion for travelling and photography led him to the interiors of Rajasthan where wall paintings are found in abundance. So, when he observed wall paintings in Kutch, now called Kachchh (Gujarat), his native place, he started photo documenting them. The first photography exhibition was held at Kutch museum. 
Pran Nevile, former diplomat and UN advisor, has been engaged in the study of the social and cultural history of India for several years.
Pranav Kumar
Pranav Kumar Singh is an editor, translator, publisher, creator of mind games and curator of lost literary classics.
Prasad Tekam
Kaushal Prasad Tekam comes from a family of tribal artists and practices the Gond style of painting. He is from Patangarh, Madhya Pradesh.
An officer of the Indian Forest Service, Pratima Srivastava loves to don a few other hats as well when time permits. A keen nature photographer, an enthusiastic birdwatcher and a regular traveller, she enjoys composing poetry both in English and Hindi. Not to forget her full time job of being a mum to two young kids! The Driftwood is her second novel.
Pratyush Shankar is a practicing architect and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India. He teaches courses on the History and Theory of Cities, Design Studio, and Visualization. His interest lies in Himalayan architecture and Indian cities. He has been regularly making hiking trips to the Himalayas for over two decades and has conducted many research and documentation trips in the Indian and Nepal Himalayas over the years. The author is currently engaged in research that tries to understand the impact of information technologies on the form and perception of the Indian city. He also has a small design practice and has done a number of projects in various parts of India and Nepal.
Prema Jayakumar, born in Kerala, studied in Kochi and Bangalore. A columnist and a translator, she enjoys being the link between two important languages, Malayalam and English. She has translated a number of important novels, published by some of the most eminent publishing houses and also the Sahitya Akademi.
Premchand is an illustrious writer from 20th century India with groundbreaking contributions to Hindi and Urdu literature.
Late Premola Ghose was an artist and illustrator. In 1998, two books written and illustrated by her were published: 'Gang Tales from Ranthambhor' and 'The Bodhisattva and the Gang'. She was Chief, Programme Division, at the India International Centre, New Delhi. In 2001 she was decorated Dame in the civil merit honors list of the King of Spain.
Priya Sarukkai
Priya Sarukkai Chabria is a poet, writer and translator. She is the recipient of the Indian Government's Senior Fellowship to Outstanding Artists. Her books include two poetry collections, a novel and a speculative fiction narrative. Her work is in numerous international journals, websites and various anthologies in India and abroad. 
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