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Poet, playwright, and fiction writer J.P. Das' "Puri Paintings" is a masterly volume on Orissan art. He also co-authored "Palm-leaf Miniatures: The Art of Raghunath Prusti of Orissa" with Professor Joanna Williams of the University of California, Berkeley. Quite a versatile artist, wouldn't you say?
J.P. Losty served as the curator of Indian manuscripts and paintings at the British Museum and British Library in London for 34 years until his retirement in 2005. He has authored numerous publications that extensively cover illustrated Indian manuscripts and paintings dating from the 11th to the 19th century. J.P. Losty was the curator of Indian manuscripts and paintings at the British Museum and British Library in London for 34 years until his retirement in 2005. He has published extensively on illustrated Indian manuscripts and painting in India from the 11th to the 19th century.    
Jack Allanach spent fifteen years in television and public relations, culminating in his own successful PR company in Montreal. In 1973 he traveled to India and met the Indian mystic Osho in Bombay. He became his disciple and was named Swami Krishna Prem. Subsequently, he spent eleven years in Osho's spiritual community, primarily in India and a brief period in America. Initially, his work in the commune was editing and rewriting Osho books that had been translated into English by Indian editors and, as a result, were often difficult for Westerners to read and understand. The titles he rewrote include From Sex to Super-consciousness, The Perfect Way, Pointing the Way, and The Long and the Short and the All. Following this period of editing, he worked as a press officer for Osho in India and was his spokesman for Indian and Western press visitors. In 1980, Osho gave him the task to write a book about his time in the commune, which he named Osho, India and Me.
Jael Silliman was a tenured Associate Professor of Women’s Studies at the University of Iowa and a Program Officer at the Ford Foundation, New York, working on Reproductive Rights and Justice for Women. She has written extensively about the Baghdadi Jewish community. Her books on this subject are Jewish Portraits, Indian Frames; The Man with Many Hats and The Teak Almirah. Jael is now an independent scholar, consultant and writer.
Jagadish Chandra
Jagadish Chandra Bose, a renowned Indian scientist, excelled in various fields of science, including botany and telecommunications. He is considered the father of radio science and was the first person to detect radio signals using semiconductor junctions in 1894. He is also considered the father of science fiction and popular science writing in Bengal. In addition to his scientific achievements, Bose was a philosopher and writer. He studied at Presidency College, Calcutta (then known as Calcutta Medical College) and graduated with honors in natural science in 1879, earning the Governor General's Medal for being first in physics. He founded the Bose Institute, one of India's leading research centres.
Jaimini Mehta is a practising architect and an independent academic based in Baroda, India. He studied architecture at M.S. University of Baroda and at the University of Pennsylvania in the Louis Kahn Studio, and went on to work in the offices of Louis Kahn and Mitchell/Giurgola Associates in Philadelphia. At present, he is an Hon. Director of the Baroda-based Centre for the Study of Urbanism and Architecture, which he instituted in 2006. He was an Adjunct Professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, and at CEPT University in Ahmedabad, India. He has also worked as Head of the Schools of Architecture at Baroda and Goa. His previous books are Louis I. Kahn, Architect co-authored with Romaldo Giurgola and published in 1975, and Rethinking Modernity: Towards Post Rational Architecture (published by Niyogi Books, 2011).
Jajabor' was the pen name of the author Binoy Mukhopadhyay (1909–2002). Born in East Bengal (presently Bangladesh), he completed his Masters in Commerce from Calcutta University. He started his career as a journalist in a number of Bengali dailies, and subsequently joined the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. He was the Deputy Secretary of the British Press Information Bureau when his first novel 'Drishtipath' (1946) burst into the literary scene to the wide acclaim of the readers. It was followed by several other novels, short stories, essays, and dramas, including 'Janantik' and 'Laghukaran'. He has also written two books on cricket, which was another of his passions besides Rabindra Sangeet. 'Jhelum Nodir Tirey', a politico-historical narrative on the transfer of power in Kashmir, was published in May 1954.
Janeita Singh is an academician turned literary/art critic. Her writing is based on the belief of ‘critic as an artist’, through which she hopes to generate new perspectives of ways of seeing. With her interest in interdisciplinary research, she endeavours to morph inquiry into a webbed storytelling format to reach the general and inquisitive reader. This illustrated monograph is her debut non-fiction book based on a 12-year research project, begun in 2012
Jasbir Jain is the honorary director of the Institute for Research in Interdisciplinary Studies (IRIS), Jaipur. She was a Sahitya Akademi Writer-in-Residence (2009) and Emeritus Fellow (2001-2003), both at the University of Rajasthan. The recipient of several awards, Jain is an elected Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge. She has taught at Copenhagen University (Denmark), the University of Tampere (Finland), and St Lawrence University (USA) and been a Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London. Amongst her works are Beyond Postcolonialism: The Dreams and Realities of a Nation (2006) and Indigenous Roots of Feminism: Culture, Subjectivity, and Agency (2011).
Jaskiran Chopra is a journalist by profession. She has worked with United News of India in Delhi and Dehra Dun and The Times of India in Dehra Dun. 
Dr. M.K.Pal has been an ardent researcher in the field of arts and crafts and socio-cultural studies for more than four decades. As a Museum professional especially during his tenure in the National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum, New Delhi, Dr. Pal has conducted several projects.As a Consultant of the National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan (1980-1995) he has collected/documented hundreds of Indian artefacts which now form the bulk of collection of the Indian Section of the said museum.He has also designed and got made a 35-feet replica of the old wooden Ratha (Temple Car) now preserved in the Parthasarathi Temple, Chennai. As a Connoisseur of Indian art and culture, Dr. Pal has also organized some folk cultural programmes in Japan, France and Switzerland during the years 1991 and 1997.As an author of a number of publications in the form of illustrated books, monographs, papers and articles on Indian art and culture and craft heritage. His present work is the result of his painstaking research and field investigations that are eventually permeated through the inner perspectives of impregnated ideas and thoughtful revelations.
Javaid Qazi has been writing fiction for over four decades. His collection, Unlikely Stories, was published by Oxford University Press in 1998. His stories have appeared in Massachusetts Review, Chelsea, Toronto South Asian Review, Kansas Quarterly, and Sequoia. He has also translated and published the stories of well-known Urdu authors such as Intezar Hussain, Nayyar Masood, and Ahmed Hamesh. He was born near Lahore in 1947. In 1968 he went to the United States to study English literature. Over the last forty years, he has taught English literature in various universities in the U.S., at Manas University in Bishkek, Kyrghyz Republic, and at Girne American University in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. He has also worked as a technical writer in the computer industry.    
Jaya Jaitly belongs to Kerala, and graduated in English Literature from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA. She is the Founder-President of the Dastkari Haat Samiti, a nationwide association of craftspeople. It trains, promotes and organizes its members for better marketing through many innovative strategies.
Pradeep Chakravarthy has spent most of his summers in Kodaikanal. He lives in Chennai, India, and is now a part time resident of Kodaikanal. Anil Choudhry moved to Kodaikanal in 2006 and has since been actively involved in efforts to preserve its heritage. Jayashree Kumar is a professional editor who spent all her childhood summers in Kodaikanal, to where she moved in 1986 to make it her home. Girija Viraraghavan has lived in Kodaikanal since 1980 and is actively associated inmpreserving and conserving its heritage and environment.
Australia-born Joanne Taylor is a Sydney- based scholar, writer and photographer with a passion for Indian architecture and culture. She has written for numerous publications, studied Indian history at the University of Sydney, and has done a thesis on Calcutta's Great Houses for the University of New South Wales. Joanne first visited India in 1971, which left an indelible impression on her. In The Forgotten Palaces of Calcutta, she achieves her aim of showing another side of the city of Calcutta; a city which she feels, leaves a lasting impact on all who embrace it.
Jon Lang is an emeritus professor at the University of New South Wales where he headed the School of Architecture. Born in Kolkata, he received his early education in the city and in Kalimpong. He has a bachelor's degree in architecture from the University of the Witwatersrand and a doctorate from Cornell University. He taught in the urban design program at the University of Pennsylvania before settling in Australia. This book is the fourth that he has written or co-authored on architecture in India. In 2010 he received the Reed and Mallik Medal from the Institution of Civil Engineers in London.
Jvalant Nalin Sampat is an entrepreneur by profession and is a proud owner of a consulting firm. His educational qualifications include graduation from the Rochester University in New York and a Masters in Business Administration from the Copenhagen Business School. Jvalant’s inclination towards history was one of the major sources of inspiration for writing this debut novel. Apart from being involved in the consulting business he is also involved in the distribution of home leather and auto business.
Jyoti Adya Jyoti Adya is the founding member and executive director of the Lajja Foundation. She is a social worker who has devoted more than 20 years of her life working for the empowerment of women at the grassroot level.
Jyotindra Jain formerly Director of the National Crafts Museum, was Professor of Arts & Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University and head of Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi. A Visiting Professor at Harvard University, Exhibitions curated by him include Raja Deen Dayal: The Studio Archives (New Delhi, 2010–11); Other Masters of India (Paris, 2010); and Indian Popular Culture: “The Conquest of the World as Picture”, shown in India, Germany, France, Finland, Spain and Japan between 2003 and 2011. He received the Prince Claus Award in 1998.  
Jyotirmoyee Devi
Jyotirmoyee Devi Sen was born in 1894, in the kingdom of Jaipur, during the time of the British Raj in India. Her grandfather, who had emigrated there from Bengal, rose to the position of dewan, or prime minister, to the Maharaja of Jaipur. The lives of the queens and concubines in the royal harems made a deep impression on her. She married Kiran Chandra Sen of Guptipara, Bengal, who passed away during the influenza pandemic of 1918. Returning with her children to her parents home, she wrote under the pen name Jyotirmoyee Devi during her long widowhood. Jyotirmoyee Devi Sen is among the earlier women writers of modern Bengal, when most women were not allowed educational opportunities. She won the prestigious Rabindra Puraskar for Bengali writing and her work is part of the Women's Studies curriculum at Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
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