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G.C. Mitra G.C. Mitra is MIStructE (UK) and holds a doctorate from IIT. He retired as Eng-in-Chief & Secy Works, government of Odisha. He has been Prof-in-Charge, IIT Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar Campus, and was also Vice President of the Indian Road Congress. He has been awarded the Padmashree by HE the President of India.
Captain G. F. Atkinson
Gamze Seret She loves to write and draw books for children in the new world they have established together by making friends with pencils and colours.
Ganesh Saili's enduring connection to the Garhwal Himalayas is reflected in his continued dedication to preserving and sharing the rich cultural and natural heritage of the region. His writings and films serve as a bridge between the local traditions and the wider world, shedding light on the unique charm of the Himalayas. Through his extensive research and treks in the mountains, Ganesh Saili has not only captured the breathtaking landscapes but has also delved into the cultural tapestry of the Garhwal Himalayas. His work is a testament to his passion for storytelling, where he weaves together the threads of history, folklore, and personal experiences, creating a vivid tapestry of the region's unique identity. Furthermore, his international recognition, with translations of his books into various foreign languages, showcases the universal appeal of his storytelling. His work transcends geographical boundaries, inviting readers from around the world to explore the wonders of the Garhwal Himalayas through his words. Ganesh Saili's contributions to periodicals, journals, magazines, films, and books have not only enriched the literary landscape but have also played a crucial role in preserving the cultural heritage and ecological significance of this magnificent region. His work stands as a tribute to the enduring beauty and cultural diversity of the Garhwal Himalayas.
Garry Weare has had a long-standing relationship with the Himalaya, since leading his first trek in Kashmir in 1973. After a two-year stint in the Australian outback, Weare returned to Kashmir where he pioneered many classic treks. He also met the co-founders of Australian Himalayan Expeditions, now World Expeditions— one of the world’s leading adventure travel companies, with whom Weare still maintains a close working relationship. For 13 years Weare had an idyllic lifestyle organising and leading treks from the comfort of his houseboat in Kashmir. Following the outbreak of political unrest in Kashmir in 1990, Weare returned to Australia. However he travelled regularly to Kashmir and other regions of the Indian Himalaya, leading exploratory treks or researching his Trekking in the Indian Himalaya. He also wrote A Long Walk in the Himalaya, an account of his epic five-month trek from the source of the Ganges to Kashmir Weare is the Australian Secretary for the Himalayan Club, a fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and has been awarded for his outstanding contribution for promoting adventure travel in the Indian Himalaya. Weare is also a founding director of the Australian Himalayan Foundation. He has a daughter and two stepdaughters and lives with his wife Margie Thomas in the Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia.  
Gautam Bhatia graduated in Fine Arts and went on to get a Master's degree in Architecture. A Delhi-based architect and artist, he has written extensively on architecture and has received several awards for his artwork and buildings. Apart from the biography Laurie Baker: Life, Work, and Writing and various other publications, he is the author of Punjabi Baroque, Silent Spaces, and Malaria Dreams, a trilogy that focuses on the cultural and social aspects of architecture. Bhatia has participated in a number of one-man and group shows and exhibitions in India and abroad, and his columns have appeared in Outlook magazine, Indian Express, and the New York Times. He is currently working on 'Future Building: An Exhibition of Ideas for the Future City.  
A star-performer and celebrity-artist amongst today's generation of dancers, Geeta Chandran is a dance-bridge between the pristine classical style of Bharatanatyam and a more contemporary dance aesthetic. Geeta is Founder-President of Natya Vriksha, an organization that enshrines the best philosophies of Indian classical culture. She is celebrated not only for her deep and composite understanding of the art of Bharatanatyam, but also for her Carnatic music (she is an accomplished vocalist), her work in television, video and film, theatre, choreography, dance-education and dance-issue journalism.
Geeta Sahai is a writer, broadcaster and documentary filmmaker. Her short stories have won international awards and have been included in an international anthology–Undiscovered Gems. She was associated with Worldspace Satellite Radio for nearly ten years as Programme Director - Radio Gandharv­, 24X7 Hindustani Classical Music Station. She has made many introspective documentary films. Currently, she is working on a project on women maestros of Hindustani classical music of early 20th century.
Geetanjali Shree, writes novels and short stories in Hindi. Mai was her debut novel. Her much-acclaimed novels Tirohit and Khali Jagah have also been translated into English as The Roof Beneath Her Feet and The Empty Space respectively.Her writings have been translated into multiple European and Indian languages and are a part of the syllabus in many universities across the world. The English translation of her novel Ret Samadhi, titled Tomb of Sand has been awarded International Booker Prize, 2022. Geetanjali Shree has also written an intellectual biography of Premchand, the doyen of Hindi literature, in English.
Geoffrey Boycott was born in Yorkshire in 1940 and went on to become England’s (then) record run-scorer in Test match cricket. He played 108 times for his country and scored more than 48,000 runs in first-class cricket between 1962 and 1986. Since retiring from the game, he has made a hugely successful career as a commentator.
George Michell is an architect by training, having received his education in Melbourne. He furthered his academic pursuits by earning a PhD in Indian Archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. His doctoral research focused on Early Chalukya temples. Throughout his career, he has been engaged in various documentation and research projects, with his most recent work being in collaboration with John M. Fritz at Hampi. George Michell trained as an architect in Melbourne, and then obtained a PhD in Indian Archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, with a dissertation on Early Chalukya temples. Since then he has undertaken numerous documentation and research projects, most recently with John M. Fritz at Hampi.
Joyjit Ghosh is a Professor of English at Vidyasagar University. He is an avid translator, with his translated works featured in publications such as Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi), Sahitya (Web Journal of CLAI), and Muse India, among other renowned journals. His book, "Imaging D. H. Lawrence: His Mind and Art in Letters" (2012), has received critical acclaim on a global scale. Dr. Ghosh's research interests encompass various areas, including Indian Writing in English, Translation Studies, Diaspora Studies, Ecocriticism, and Bengali Dalit Literature.
A former professor of Bengali, Ghulam Murshid has published more than a dozen books on subjects ranging from Bengali language and literature to women's studies and the socio-cultural history of Bengal. Notable among his books are Reluctant Debutante: Response of Bengali Women to Modernization (1983); Lured by Hope: A Biography of Michael Madhusudan Dutt (1995); and Heart of a Rebel Poet: Letters of M.M. Dutt. His Bengali publications include books on the history of Bengali prose, history of Bengalis in Britain, emergence of Bangladesh, and the intimacy between Rabindranath Tagore and East Bengal.
Giampaolo Toma, also known as Jnananjana Dasa, was born in Terni, Italy. He embarked on his artistic career by creating copies and reproductions of works by old masters displayed in European museums from 1980 to 1987. He played a significant role as a founding member of the International Vedic Art Academy in Italy. In the last twelve years, he dedicated his efforts to the Mahabharata project.
With a literary career spanning over half a century, Giriraj Kishore has several short story collections and plays to his credit. Currently he edits the Hindi literary magazine Akaar and regularly contributes to Hindi newspapers and journals. He has been honoured with the Padma Shri, and received the Sahitya Bhushan Award from the Government of India in 1992.
Gitanjali Khanna has co-authored Madam's Adam with Laxmi Dhaul, a book humorously illustrated by Mario Miranda. Gitanjali grew up in New York and has also lived in Dubai, but considers Mumbai as her real home. She graduated in Liberal Arts from St Bedes, Shimla and has taught in schools in Mumbai and Dubai.
Internationally recognised for her path-breaking, multidisciplinary work, specially in the fields of Culture and the Arts, Dr Kapila Vatsyayan is the author of over 15 books among her publications, Classical Indian Dance in Literature and the Arts and The Square and the Circle of the Indian Arts have been milestones of critical scholarship. She is the editor of several volumes on Concepts of Space (akasha) and of Time (kaal). She has edited The Cultural Heritage of India (Volume VII, Parts 1 & II) and coedited Aesthetic Theories and Forms in Indian Tradition (Vol. VI, Part I). Life Trustee, India International Centre (IIC) and Chairperson, IIC-Asia Project, Dr Vatsyayan was formerly Secretary, Department of Arts, Ministry of HRD; Founder Academic Director, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts; a nominated MP (Rajya Sabha); Member, UNESCO Executive Board; and President, IIC. "
Goutam Ghose launched into documentaries, group theatre and photo journalism in 1973. His documentary, Hungry Autumn won him the main award at the Oberhausen Film Festival. Since then Ghose has produced several documentaries on personalities like Ustad Bismillah Khan, Satyajit Ray and HH Dalai Lama, in addition to ten feature films and a number of advertisement, corporate and short films. He has won fifteen National Awards, besides Filmfare Awards and a number of international awards like Silver Balloon, Nantes Film Festival, UNESCO Award at Venice, Golden Semurg at Tashkent, Fipresci Award and Red Cross Award at Verna Film Festival. He is the only Indian to win the coveted Vittori Di Sica Award and was awarded the Knighthood of the Star of Italian Solidarity in 2008.
A prolific writer since 1965, Govind Mishra is well known as one of the doyens of Hindi literature. He has written 14 novels, an equal number of short story collections, six travelogues, seven collections of literary essays, one of poems and two of stories for children. His complete works in 12 volumes are under print. He has been honoured with many awards, including Vyas Samman, Sahitya Akademi Award, Bharat Bharti Samman, and Saraswati Samman. His stories and award winning novels Paanch Aangno Wala Ghar, Kohre Mein Kaid Rang, and Dhool Paudhon Par have been translated in English and several Indian languages. He has represented India in many international literary programmes. He is also the subject of a documentary made by the Sahitya Akademi.
Govind Hari Singhania, Director, JK Organisation, was a dynamic Rotarian, promoting India while he was President, ASSOCHAM. Along with his brother, Dr Gaur Hari, he has enhanced the rich legacy of their illustrious father, Sir Padampat Singhania.
Kenneth Grahame (1859-1932) was a Scottish writer, best known for The Wind in the Willows (1908), which is considered one of the classics of children's literature. He worked at the Bank of England from 1879 to 1908 and told bedtime stories to his son Alastair, which later became his most famous book. His epitaph reads, 'To the beautiful memory of Kenneth Grahame, husband of Elspeth and father of Alastair, who passed the river on the 6th of July, 1932, leaving childhood and literature through him the more blest for all time.'
Güneş Bloedorn writes and illustrates children’s picture books, while also contributing her art to a children’s magazine.
Uma Das Gupta Historian and Tagore biographer Uma Das Gupta was educated at Presidency College, Calcutta, and the University of Oxford. Her post-doctoral research has been on Rabindranath Tagore and the history of the educational institutions he founded at Santiniketan and Sriniketan, 1901–1941. She retired as Professor, Social Sciences Division, Indian Statistical Institute. She was Head of the United States Educational Foundation in India for the Eastern Region. Recently, she has become a National Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IAAS), Shimla, and a Delegate of Oxford University Press, India.
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