How To Submit Your Book Online?

We accept manuscripts that have a strong connection to India and the subcontinent with potential global appeal. The categories we accept are listed below, but come up with something innovative, and we’re happy to explore!

Illustrated Books

Books across a wide range of subjects, including art, architecture, culture, heritage, and biographies, as well as research studies and monographs.


Self-help, fashion, food, biographies & memoirs, business & management, literary essays, cultural studies, health and fitness, history, politics & government, etc.


Historical fiction, crime and thriller, literary fiction, humour, and contemporary writing.


Fiction and non-fiction titles from Indian and foreign languages


The following guidelines should be followed while submitting a book proposal. The submission should contain:
  1. A short synopsis of the book, describing the project, its key arguments and its uniqueness (maximum 750 words). Please do not submit full manuscripts until invited to do so.
    • For illustrated books, please include samples of photographs that would be used in the books.
    • In the case of non-fiction, provide a chapter outline with details of individual chapters and the broader context in which the book is placed.
    • For fiction, trace the broad storyline.
  2. Two to three sample chapters for all formats of books.
  3. The target readership and the market potential of your book.
  4. A list of similar or competing books along with their publication details. Discuss how your book compares with these titles.
  5. Author CV, including published and forthcoming works, if any, with details relevant to your growth as a writer.

The editorial department will contact you within 90 days of receiving the proposal, if found suitable. In case no communication is received, the author may assume that the proposal does not fit our current list. No letter will be sent out in these cases.