New Release: THE HUNTSMEN by Bappaditya Chakravarty

New Release: THE HUNTSMEN by Bappaditya Chakravarty

New Release: THE HUNTSMEN by Bappaditya Chakravarty

Kolkata: Niyogi Books is proud to announce the publication of its latest title The Huntsmen by Bappaditya Chakravarty. Published under the Olive Turtle imprint of Niyogi Books, this book narrates a thrilling, fast-paced journey of international espionage and a rescue mission. It is a well-researched narrative with detailed nuances of inner workings of agents dealing in extra-legal procedures and government security forces.


The book will be launched at the 47 th International Kolkata Book Fair 2024 at their Stall H-38 in Hall No. 2 in the Boi Mela Prangan, Salt lake from 3 PM onwards. Present during the launch will be author Amitabha Ray, Translator & Critic Prof. Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee along with author of the book Bappaditya Chakravarty.



New Release: THE HUNTSMEN by Bappaditya Chakravarty



There was an aircraft parked crosswise in the middle of the road. Murtaza was a middle- aged man.

A family man with three sons. He was no racing driver and did not have those kinds of reflexes. Consequently, the van went completely out of control, ran on for a few meters, and then stalled.

He was about to open the door after taking off the safety belt when the cold muzzle of a gun touched his temple.

The man’s face was covered. In a deep voice, the man said, ‘Don’t mind, dost, I need your car for the night. You can use my plane if you want.’

And then everything went dark.



An explosion shatters a peaceful evening at the India Gate lawns in New Delhi. In London, two Muslim clerics are murdered. Police discover the tortured body of a prominent geologist in Goa. Two women, on holiday in Mumbai, are kidnapped.
Who is the mastermind behind these seemingly unrelated incidents, and what is their ultimate agenda? Rudra, along with Vijay, agents of an unnamed, high-risk, high-security, Indian agency, race from Mumbai to Cairo and beyond in an exhilarating hunt for truth and justice. Will the huntsmen pin down their prey? Or will their quest come to an explosive end?


Price: INR 495 / Format: Paperback / Pages: 380


When asked about his book during the discussion, Bappaditya Chakravarty says,’ The essence of all intelligence operations is pattern recognition, and successful spy masters have always been those who could make up a jigsaw puzzle from different pieces, without knowing what the final picture would look like. A writer of thrillers and spy stories has a similar task. He has a plot, but has to push it across to the reader as if he does not. Else, the thrill of the thriller goes out. I was fortunate enough to have been to all the locales in this book and picking up bits and pieces that I then embroidered into a pattern. And the guiding principle of my Huntsmen–always understated–if you have to hurt someone, do it in halves–is the thread I used for the final tapestry.


‘What a nerve-wracking thriller,’ Trisha De Niyogi, the COO of Niyogi Books commented on the publication. We are excited to bring out this electrifying mystery which will let readers peep behind the scenes of all that goes into protecting a country when a top-secret Indian government special agency is tipped off about the connection between seemingly random abductions, murders and bombings around the world. A tale of noir and subterfuge with a trigger-happy kingpin racking up the body-count, this is an unputdownable read. Fans of classic thrillers will love this face-paced novel.’




New Release: THE HUNTSMEN by Bappaditya Chakravarty


Born in 1951, Bappaditya Chakravarty was educated at Delhi University and at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. He has been an educationist, an executive in the public and private sectors, as well as a consultant, and returned to India in 2020 after spending nearly two decades in various countries. He has written four books in English, Samudragupta – The Making of an Emperor, which was released at the Dhaka LitFest (2016), two thrillers The Goa Connection (2013) and Swordplay (2023) and an immersive travel-fiction Two Wanderers (2023). He has published three fictional books in Bengali. He has also written a number of essays, articles and short stories in Bengali, published in reputed journals and magazines. He is married to a Danish diplomat and currently lives in Delhi and Kyrgyzstan.




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