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The Goa Gambit

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Jayesh Shah is the Czar of the Indian gambling world, a self-made man whose rags-to-riches story is the stuff that dreams are made of. But behind the glitter of power and success, he is fighting desperately to hold on to his turf, bringing into play every skill that he had mastered in his old life as an ace poker player.


Double or Nothing is set in the glamorous world of the casinos of Goa, where powerful politicians, famous celebrities, the ordinarily rich, even the hoi polloi with money to lose, and those with dreams of just making a fast buck all gather to play. There is glamour and high stakes and underlying menace in this fast-paced thriller, where a single roll of dice could win you an unimaginable fortune and a small misstep could cost you your life.

Anurag  Tripathi
Anurag Tripathi

Anurag Tripathi is an alumnus of the Indian School of Business with a course in Advanced Creative Writing from The University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education. A keen observer of people, he is a master raconteur who draws on his vast reservoir of life experiences. As an erstwhile Investment Banker, he previously led the retail equity business for a financial company in India. This novel, his second, is a fictionalised no-holds-barred account of what goes on behind the scenes in the financial advisory business in India. Though that still hasn’t deterred him from continuing to invest in the Indian stock markets for the last 20 years.

His debut novel on the art market in India, was nominated for the Raymond Crossword Book Awards in 2017. A member of the Singapore Writer’s Group, he now lives in ‘the Lion City’, along with his wife. Both are keen scuba divers, who like travelling and exploring the worlds lesser known.