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Like Barbarians in India

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In 1899, the writer Julien Viaud, alias Pierre Loti, immersed himself ecstatically in the ‘India of palms’, meeting maharajahs, fakirs, devotees on the Ganges...and wrote one of his masterpieces India (without the English). Michaux, discovering India in 1931 (he could have crossed paths with Malraux that same year), devoted half of his Barbarian in Asia to it. If Malraux, who stayed in India several times, including in 1974, as a pilgrim before his death, never wrote a great book on India, he read Tagore and the great sacred texts and established a privileged relationship with Nehru and Indira Gandhi. As for Gide, translator of Tagore and Kabir, under whose invocation Michaux placed his Barbarian, he also knew Nehru and fervently supported the works of Malraux and Michaux. In this literary essay, a hymn to India and to these four very different writers who felt a common attraction to this country of ‘ancient civilization’, there are also many beautiful figures of passers-by, such as Ravi Shankar and George Harrison.

Jean-Claude  Perrier
Jean-Claude Perrier

Jean-Claude Perrier born in 1957, in Paris, loves literature, reading and writing. He started working as a journalist and is also the author of several books, including novels, biographies, essays, and travelogues. He discovered India in 1981 and it was a revelation for him. In love with the culture, music, and people of India, he has authored several books with an Indian theme: André Malraux and the Temptation of India, Travels in French India, and Like Barbarians in India (translated in English, Hindi, and Bangla). He received the prestigious French Academy Prize in 2010 for an essay, ‘The mysteries of Saint-Exupery’ that is translated in Italian, German, Russian, and Slovenian.

Sriparna Chatterji
Sriparna Chatterji

Sriparna Chatterjee has taught French for 10 years at Alliance Française, Kolkata, and has a Maîtrise de Français Langue Etrangère from the University of Rouen. Thereafter she has been teaching French in reputed academic institutions in Kolkata.