Jews and the Indian National Art Project

Paper Type: Art Paper (Matt) | Size: 260 x 189mm
All colour; 171 colour and 148 black and white photographs; 376 pages; Hardback
ISBN-10: 9383098546 | ISBN-13: 978-93-83098-54-5

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This volume reveals the roles of foreign and Indian Jews in the Indian national art project and raises issues such as: Does the term “Indian artist” apply to any artist born into an Indian family? What role can foreigners and members of Indian minority groups play in the Indian National Art Project as scholars, critics, or artists? Is a piece of work “Indian art” because of its subject matter or its style? Is it possible to utilize “foreign techniques” in creating “Indian art”? Jews and the Indian National Art Project documents the work of artists such as Anna Molka Ahmed, Mirra Alfassa (The Mother), Siona Benjamin, Carmel Berkson, and Fredda Brilliant as well as those of photographers (David Mordecai and Man Ray) and architects (Otto Königsberger, Moshe Safdie). Also covered in this volume are the work of critics, scholars and art patrons like Ernst Cohn-Wiener, Charles Fabri, Stella Kramrisch, and Marion Harry Spielmann.

Kenneth X. Robbins
Kenneth X. Robbins

Kenneth X. Robbins is a psychiatrist, collector, and independent scholar on South Asia,with particular interest in maharajas and other Indian princes, as well as the Rajputs, African Muslims, Chettiyars, Sikhs, missionaries, and Jews in South Asia. He has curated more than a dozen Indian exhibits and five scholarly conferences dealing with maharajas and nawabs, painting, women artists and political figures, medicine, and philately. His most recent exhibition projects deal with African Muslim elites and Jews in India. In addition to publishing more than seventy articles, he is co-editor of African Elites in India and is working on a book about the Princely states of Gujarat and several other volumes about Jews in South Asia. 

Marvin  Tokayer
Marvin Tokayer

Marvin Tokayer was rabbi of the Jewish Community of Japan and vice-president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Southeast Asia and the Far East. He has authored more than twenty books, in Japanese, on the Judaica and Japan. He has participated in the Jewish dialogue with “Eastern religious leaders” as well as visited and helped Indian and Chinese Jews.