Enriching Life

Paper Type: Book print paper | Size: 216 mm x 140 mm
Black and white; 124 pages; Paperback
ISBN-10: 93-89136-08-1 | ISBN-13: 978-93-89136-08-1


In today’s fast-paced life, losing sight of our goals, of our purpose of existence and most importantly, of who we really are is but natural. This lack of perspective leads to a state of unrest and anxiety in our mind, thus disturbing our mental peace and our sense of happiness. We are torn between what we have and what we want, between who we are and what others want us to be, between our dreams and the bitter reality, among others. Sometimes, all we need to do is hit the Pause button in our life and look within us to find the answers to some of the most baffling questions about ourselves. Enriching Life by Dr Hara Prasanna Das, renowned motivational speaker and life coach, will help you on this road to self-discovery, self-realization and introspection.

Hara  Prasanna Das
Hara Prasanna Das

Dr Hara Prasanna Das wears many hats. He is a motivational speaker, a life coach, a psycho-based counsellor, a training facilitator and a management guide, all rolled into one. With 43 years of experience under his belt, Dr Das has provided value-added services to not only individuals but also groups and corporates across the country. In addition, he is also a writer (with six published titles) and an editor, and has participated in TV/AIR programmes as an anchor, a drama artist and a news reader.