Don't Let Me Down!

Paper Type: Book Print Paper | Size: 178mm x 127mm; 130pp
Black and white
ISBN-13: 978-93-91125-18-9


Lalu, a sixteen-year-old tribal boy, fails his tenth-standard exams. Suddenly his entire world comes crashing down around him.

Only Rinki, Lalu’s furry best friend, understands and sympathises with him! Getting a second chance to complete his high school studies, Lalu races against time. He seeks help wherever he can find it: from his teachers, from a new friend, and from his supportive uncle.

There are catastrophic obstacles in his way, but Lalu triumphs against all odds, and even learns important life lessons along the way.

Martin Kampchen
Martin Kampchen

German-born writer, Martin Kämpchen, came to India as a student. Deeply moved by this country’s variegated life and philosophy, he stayed on, settling at Santiniketan.

Ranjan  Verma ()
Ranjan Verma ()