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Rajasthani Stories Retold

  • INR 350 / £5.99 / $10
  • 978-93-85285-66-0
  • 216 x 140 mm; 180pp
  • Book print paper
  • Black and white
  • Hardback with dust jacket

Rajasthan continues to fascinate the world for many reasons. Some of the more obvious ones include its colours, its music and dance, its venerable history, its forts, fortifications, palaces, step-wells and old towns, and its rich textile tradition. Rajasthan also brings to mind the vast tracts of golden desert to its north-west and west, juxtaposed by the scattered green and dust-mantle clad valleys, plains and hillsof its south-east and east, with their rivers and rivulets and lakes.

Rajasthan is also famed for its rich oral and written traditions, drawn from mythology and religious tales as much as from the history of the area. The oral and written traditions are sometimes coloured by the blood of battles, sometimes romantic with the folk-remembered tales of Moomal, Dhola and Maru, Nihal-de, tales of Moomal, Dhola and Maru, Nihal-de, and often based on real-life tales of sacrifice and duty of valourous men and women like Maharana Pratap, Prithviraj Chauhan, Jaimal, Patta, Gora, Badal, Panna-dhai, Achaldas Khinchi, Durgadas Rathore and countless ordinary citizens. Dipping into this rich heritage, this book brings to its readers a collection of short stories from Rajasthan. These are based on real people and events, but are somewhat fictionalised in the narration. The nine Rajasthani tales in this book are but a fraction of the amazing legacy of Rajasthan.


Rima Hooja


Rima Hooja Archaeologist, historian, and writer Rima Hooja is Consultant Director (Library & Archives) Maharaja Sawai ManSingh II Museum, City Palace, Jaipur. She has been a Member of India’s National Monuments

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