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When Arrows Were Heated Up
A Tale of Tribal Struggle against British Colonialism
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A decorated police officer, an award winning writer, a champion of the tribal cause, an educator – Hari Ram Meena (b.1952) is a multi-faceted personality. Born in a Rajasthan village, tribal culture lies at the heart of all his creative works. A post graduate from Rajasthan University, Meena joined the police service in 1979 and retired as the Inspector General of Police in 2012. So far, he has published eight books, including two collections of poems, two travelogues, a novel and a book on tribal discourse. He has also edited a compilation of tribal poems. His literary works have won him several awards, including Rajasthan Sahitya Academy’s highest honour, Meena Award and KK Birla Foundation’s Bihari Puraskar for the present novel Dhuni Tape Teer. Translator Atul Cowshish was a correcspondent of The Statesman, Delhi from 1963-1993. Presently he is a freelance journalist based in New Delhi.

Hari Ram Meena
Hari Ram Meena