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Waltz in Happiness
Paper Type: Book Print | Size: 216 x 140mm
Black and White
ISBN-10: 8189738852 | ISBN-13: 978-81-89738-85-3

 295 |  18 |  9.99

‘A loosely hanging chipped fragment disintegrates from a huge rock as Pranjal knocks his feet against it. The broken piece rolls down the slope of the rock into the river.“It will become an independent pebble in its new surroundings. And waltz in happiness in its individuality.” Ruby says without turning around. ‘Yes we are all born to be happy … everyone of us.‘Waltz in Happiness’ is a story about a man and his relationships with his mother, his wife and his girlfriend … set against a rapidly changing Indian landscape. Pranjal, whose search for success seduces him to compromise on his values...Kobita, his mother, who believes reiterating good counsel will render it redundant and prefers to lead by example… Anita, his friend from college, whose passion for Pranjal has perilous repercussions ….Ruby, his wife, a modern woman who is environment conscious and fearlessly honest … who challenges him to confront himself As Pranjal shuttles between Gurgaon and Guwahati in search of his happiness, we are transported with him to seek answers to questions that have eternally troubled us. ‘Waltz in Happiness’ delights the readers’ visual appeal even while unraveling the mysterious philosophies and principles that govern our lives. Assam is relatively an unexplored territory by Indian writers writing in English. The unique insights that delve the lives of the diverse people living in the state is a fresh subject that make fascinating reading….arousing in the general reader keen interest in a region still considered so distant by so many.

Nilakshi Borgohain
Nilakshi Borgohain

Nilakshi Borgohain has written book reviews and short stories. She has been awarded the Editor’s Choice award 2010 for creative/critical writing by the Home of Letters (India).