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Vignettes en Route
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The march towards offices starts at half-past nine. At first, it is the run of the attendants. They are turbaned, clad in khaki uniforms, with three or four rounds of red serpentine cummerbund around the waist. A few of them carry in their cummerbunds a small knife with ivory handles inside ornamented sheaths. A mimicry of the castrated guards of the Mughal empire. Those are the attendants to the secretaries or the hon’ble members. They are the major-generals among the ranks of the orderlies. A bundle of files wrapped in a red coarse packaging sits on the carrier of their bicycles, which the sahibs carry home on Saturdays and most of which are returned untouched on Mondays


‘Jajabor’ was the pen name of the author Binoy Mukhopadhyay (1909–2002). Born in East Bengal (presently Bangladesh), he completed his Masters in Commerce from Calcutta University. He started his career as a journalist in a number of Bengali dailies, and subsequently joined the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. He was the Deputy Secretary of the British Press Information Bureau when his first novel Drishtipath (1946) burst into the literary scene to the wide acclaim of the readers. It was followed by several other novels, short stories, essays and dramas, including Janantik and Laghukaran. He has also written two books on cricket, which was another of his passions besides Rabindra Sangeet. Jhelum Nodir Tirey, a politico-historical narrative on the transfer of power in Kashmir was published in May 1954.

Alokojjal Banerjee
Alokojjal Banerjee