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Uttara Yogi
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ISBN-10: 8189738550 | ISBN-13: 978-81-89738-55-6

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In 1870, the spiritual leader of the Nagai Japat, makes a momentous prediction: the Uttara Yogi would settle down in South India. His arrival would presage the liberation of the country from foreign rule and put an end to the era of falsehood. The long vigil for the Uttara Yogi begins. Having completed his internship for the ICS in England, young Aurobindo Ghose returns to India and joins the service of the Maharaja of Baroda. Soon, he chalks out his programme for achieving the independence of India. He popularises the ‘battle cry’ Vande Mataram and initiates the Swadeshi and Boycott movements to thwart the partition of Bengal. He also strives to put an end to the moderate policies of the Congress by replacing it with nationalism. Secretly, he initiates an armed insurrection to overthrow the British by establishing a bomb factory in his ancestral garden house of Muraripukur, exposure of which leads to the infamous Alipore Bomb Trial. Well-researched and craftily woven, Uttara Yogi is a remarkable historical novel, taking the reader back to pre-independent India through a tale of patriotism, adventure, love and betrayal, revealing through a multitude of characters, episodes and experiences, the true identity of the Uttara Yogi.

Arup Mitra
Arup Mitra

Arup Mitra was art instructor at Lycée Français de Pondichéry and presently teaches art at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education. 

Rashid R. Byramji
Rashid R. Byramji