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The Ekkos Clan
Paper Type: Book Print | Size: 216 x 140mm
Black and white
ISBN-10: 9381523959 | ISBN-13: 978-93-81523-95-7

 350 |  15 |  6.99

Someone wants Kratu’s whole family dead. Is it personal vendetta? Or is it because they have access to Kratu’s grandmother Kubha’s stories, which conceal perilous secrets?The eventful lives of Kubha and her family span a hundred years and encompass turbulent phases of Indian history. From her ancestors, Kubha inherited a basketful of stories. Kratu, a graduate student at Stanford mentions Kubha’s stories to Afsar Fareedi, a linguistic palaeontologist, in a casual conversation. Afsar quickly figures out that the ‘bedtime tales’ contain rich linguistic fossils and layers of history. Afsar, Kratu, and his best friend Tista travel across continents to trace the origin of her stories. Their journey also leads them to discover one of the oldest civilisations of the world. But will their efforts also unearth the causes behind the series of murders?

Sudipto Das
Sudipto Das

An alumnus of IIT KGP, Sudipto is a successful entrepreneur, having co-founded two startups. He is also an author, musician, columnist and a speaker at TED events. A violinist, trained in Western classical music, Sudipto debuted as a music composer in 2014. He is a member of an amateur music band, Kohal. History, culture, language, writing, music and travel feature prominently in his range of interests. The Aryabhata Clan is his second book, The Ekkos Clan being the first. The author lives in Bangalore with his family.