Soumitra Chatterjee
A Life in Cinema, Theatre, Poetry & Painting
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ISBN-13: 9789389136760


Soumitra Chatterjee is one of the most celebrated actors in world cinema. A man of many pursuits, he is a thespian, poet and performer. Above all, Soumitra is the foremost representative of what is best in Bengali culture and perhaps its greatest ambassador. 

This book explores the making of Soumitra Chatterjee through his early years and his relationships with Sisir Kumar Bhaduri and Satyajit Ray. His 14 films with Ray are a testament to his versatility and virtuosity. As an actor he refused to settle in a comfortable groove and constantly looked out for fresh challenges. Throughout his theatrical career, he not only adapted and directed several acclaimed plays but kept returning to the stage for sustenance and inspiration. His poetry and art are more personal and offer an insight into his idealistic and cultured soul.

Analysing the most important roles of his career, and charting the single-minded dedication and passion that he brought to each one of them, this work reflects on Soumitra Chatterjee’s stardom and longevity in an industry that saw great changes during his lifetime. Featuring unique photographs, the book illuminates the versatile facets of a towering artist—a Renaissance man—who along with Ray, brought Bengal to the cinematic world. 

Arjun  Sengupta ()
Arjun Sengupta ()

Arjun Sengupta teaches English Literature at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, with previous stints at Scottish Church College and Presidency College. His teaching interests include courses on scriptwriting and cinematic adaptations of literary works. He has co-authored Victorian Literature and Modern Indian Literature and is currently working on a book on Classical literature. 

Partha  Mukherjee
Partha Mukherjee

Partha Mukherjee is a Kolkata-based freelance writer-cum-documentary filmmaker. He has contributed almost 600 articles, features and interviews to established English newspapers and periodicals across India as well as abroad. He has made a few well-received documentaries on digital and celluloid formats. Mukherjee has co-authored Russi Mody The Man Who Also Made Steel: A Biography.