Love Song of Maya K and Other Stories
Paper Type: Book Print Paper | Size: 216mm x 140mm
Black and white
ISBN-10: 9386906392 | ISBN-13: 9789386906397


A rumour that ends in calamity; A girl who is demonised because of her ‘evil’ horoscope; A man who preys upon young girls; A train journey that forces a woman to look at her marriage anew; The gorgeous inner life of a shop girl; A child overwhelmed by the wonder and terror of his world. Set in Kolkata and Delhi, the stories in this collection deal with love and betrayal, dogma and superstition, sexuality and thwarted desires. The characters belong to the world of urban, aspirational India where snobbery and rat race go hand in hand with class and religious conflicts. Dark or funny, satirical or poignant, these stories are as much a snapshot of modern India as they are an intense crystallisation of the unpredictable chaos of life. Shuma Raha’s debut book The Love Song of Maya K and Other Stories details stories that have a strong sense of homelessness, a sense of lives in a flux, of shifting sands, as it were -- National Herald

Shuma  Raha
Shuma Raha

Shuma Raha won the Juggernaut Short Story Prize, 2017. A former journalist with newspapers such as The Telegraph and The Times of India, this book is her debut collection of short stories. While charting a career in writing fiction, she continues to be excited by current affairs and contributes columns to a number of print and digital publications. Shuma lives and works in Delhi.