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Law of Sexual Harassment At Workplace
Practice & Procedure
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Sexual harassment is one of the synonyms of ‘gender discrimination’ or ‘gender inequality. It is one of the anti-thesis to gender equality. There is no country with perfect equality. All countries suffer some loss in achievements when gender inequality is taken into account. Focusing primarily on the commercial angle to the issue, this book attempts to holistically analyse the Indian law on sexual harassment at workplace by resorting to a point by point examination of all components thereof. As regards judicial precedents, this work attempts to cover all relevant judgements passed by Indian courts from 1997 (when this subject entered the Indian legal domain) until June 2017. For ease of understanding, the authorship offers a section-by-section analysis of the Act; along a reflection of the general scheme of law on sexual harassment. This work hopes to serve the needs of lawyers, law students, organizations, NGOs as also of all persons interested in gaining insight into this law.

Amish Tandon
Amish Tandon