Book Cover
Vanishing Heritage of an Island in the sky
Paper Type: Art Paper (Matt) | Size: 229 x 229mm
All colour;197 colour and 7 black and white photographs


The Palni Hills, including Kodaikanal and the surrounding villages, is very special for the Western Ghats, with its own distinctive flora and fauna. The climate of the area is as effective a barrier to the species’ migration as the waters of the ocean are to an island. These hills are, therefore, known as an ‘island in the sky’. The book describes the early history of the establishment of the city of Kodaikanal. It also gives in detail the history of the heritage buildings in Kodaikanal. The ground-hugging elevations of the old buildings blend beautifully with the hill landscape, and have nature-friendly architecture. The book takes the reader through the flora and fauna of the hills in great detail. The book allows the reader to discover Kodaikanal and its environs by going on ‘heritage walks’ that cover the built-up and natural heritage of the town. It will also be useful as a guide to tourists visiting the hill station.

Jayashree Kumar
Jayashree Kumar