Book Cover
Fall Winter Collections
Paper Type: Book Print | Size: 216 x 140mm
Black and white


Fall Winter Collections is the debut novel of internationally acclaimed author Koral Dasgupta. She has woven together an enchanting tale of romance and relationships in the background of the ever-beautiful, eternally serene landscape of Santiniketan. The novel takes the reader on an arm-chair tour of Santiniketan and its unspoilt ambience and unfolds the tale of two seemingly opposite souls and their self-discovery while trying to understand and interpret the other. Aniruddh Jain Solanki, a sculptor, is secretly working upon his most ambitious project amidst the peace of his secluded sanctuary in Santiniketan. Sanghamitra Banerjee, a professor, lives imprisoned within the ghosts of an incomplete past. And when they come together in the land of Tagore, they reveal to each other more than they had ever planned and destiny conspires to consummate a journey of togetherness towards fulfilment…

Koral Dasgupta
Koral Dasgupta