Book Cover
Birju Maharaj
The Master Through My Eyes
Paper Type: Art Paper (Matt) | Size: 248 x 222mm
126 colour and 94 black and white photographs


Saswati Sen has known Pandit Birju Maharaj for over forty-five years. Gradually, she began to see the divinity in her talented master and decided to write a book on his life and work. Birju Maharaj: The Master Through My Eyes presents layers of the Kathak maestro’s personality as witnessed by one of his foremost disciples.It reveals how this icon of Indian dance, who is a mentor for thousands and an inspiration for countless people across the globe, is actually an unassuming, simple person outside his artistic world. Accompanied by rare and delightful photographs, this book, the author’s dream project, is a heartfelt tribute to the legendary Birju Maharaj—a man who, among his many achievements, spread awareness of Kathak, not only in India, but abroad, while touching innumerable lives along the way.

Saswati Sen
Saswati Sen