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Mason Stewart, a recluse, had lost the most cherished relationships in his life and had shut himself up from society at large. He leads a sedentary life without any surprises until his granddaughter Emily arrives at his doorstep without any notice. The intricate family drama unfolds with the inquisitive mind of Emily coming to terms with the wild chase of an illusive dream by her unwed mother, Sophia. Will Sophia realize her illusive dreams? Will Emily’s desire for undiluted motherly affection find an expression? And will Mason be able to bring normalcy to his newly acquired unsettling relationships? Will they realize their age-old beliefs or succumb to change? This short, intense drama overwhelms you and climaxes with its portrayal of the the most sublime emotions and the darkest patches of human failings. A must-read for all in today’s troubled times to reaffirm their belief in life and its value systems.

Mrinalini Mitra
Mrinalini Mitra