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Tibetologist, Poet & a Mother ‘Shelly Bhoil’ selects her #bestreads2016

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Living between India and Brazil, Shelly Bhoil is a research scholar on Tibet, an aspiring poet, and also a mother. Her first poetry book, An Ember from her Pyre, published in 2016, is written between whistles [...]

Niyogi Books’ Author ‘Sudipto Das’ selects his #bestreads2016

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  An engineer by profession, a musician by passion and an author out of compassion, Sudipto Das, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, is a veteran in the semiconductor industry, a violinist in the band Kohal [...]

Best Read Series’ 16

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The Best Read series for the year 2016 by Niyogi Books doesn’t focus on books published in the year 2016 only, but it focuses on the contributions reading has made to your life and what [...]

The Saga Of Muziris | OUT NOW

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The Saga of Muziris is a fascinating tale of the glory and decline of a major port, a hub of maritime trade in Kerala, in South India, which had mysteriously disappeared from the face of [...]

My Red Butterfly | OUT NOW

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Love is divine, love is pristine. Love could be agony, love could be bliss. It’s God’s wonderful gift. All are not ordained to be smitten by the love bug; only the chosen few are lucky.  [...]

Daniell Comes to Judgement: New & Vintage Daruwalla | OUT NOW

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Daniell Comes to Judgment: New and Vintage Daruwalla is a collection of short stories by Keki N. Daruwalla, the acclaimed poet-cum-novelist of our time. There are new stories here written especially for this book in [...]