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A Literary Knock Of An Opportunity | Niyogi Books

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In an ocean of information, countless artistic writings float in an anticipation to find their desired Island of opportunities. Such is the reasoning behind the initiative #TellMeYourStory, a storytelling platform that invites people, irrespective of [...]

Evoke the Leader in you…

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It’s rather unusual that I’m writing on leadership. In fact, I had never intended to write on this particular topic, for I always felt I’m not knowledgeable enough in this particular area. Fiction is something [...]

Chikankari: A lucknawi Tradition

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Did You know that Nur Jahan brought the art of "Chikankari" to India in the 15th Century ? Did you know that Chikankari made its way to India all the way from Persia ? Did [...]

In the Shadow of the Devi, Kumaon | Niyogi Books

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The untamed beauty of the Himalayas immediately captures our collective imagination with visions of serenity, natural splendour and mysticism. But these mountains also dictate the lives of those who live by its laws—the resilient hill [...]

The Sacred Sorrow of Sparrows | OUT NOW

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Across lives, cities, and continents, melancholy and its tentacles inhabit spaces that are often left unexplored.Through ten stories and ten main protagonists, this book paints a portrait of the universal emotion that strikes the deepest [...]

When Mother means the world to us | Niyogi Books

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                                 Mother’s Day is a celebration of the unique role of mothers in the lives of families and nations around [...]