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Other Words, Other Worlds… An Interview with Geetanjali Shree, Author of ‘Mai’

    We approached celebrated writer Geetanjali Shree with certain questions in mind: How is a well-recognized Hindi writer faring in International languages? Do the translations enhance her readership in…
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For the love of History & Heritage

    Indian history has its roots in its ancient temples, historic forts, opulent palaces, and splendid heritage and culture. Let us explore some of the famous historical places and majestic structures…
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क्या कहता हैं कुम्भ?

                                  'कुम्भ' यानि मिट्टी का कलश| जी हाँ, वही कुम्भ जिससे लेकर इंद्रदेव स्वर्ग…
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