About Us

Niyogi Books, based out of New Delhi, India, has established itself as one the leading publishers of illustrated books, as well as created a niche for itself in translations, fiction and serious non-fiction. Inaugurated in the year 2005, it has more than 500 books on its active list and is synonymous with high quality books at affordable prices, reaching out to a wide and varied readership.

Niyogi Books has published books on a wide range of subjects, from art to photography, philosophy to heritage and culture, textiles to maps, and many others. The company has developed a prestigious author base that includes award-winning photographers and journalists, distinguished art historians and curators, and artists, scholars, travel writers, and translators from all over the world. B.N. Goswamy, Geeta Chandran, Hugh and Colleen Gantzer, Lata Mangeshkar, Mushirul Hasan, Jaya Jaitly, Sethu and Raghu Rai are just some of the illustrious names on our list.

In addition to our illustrated titles, we also publish fiction, translations, and non-fiction (non-illustrated) titles through our recently launched imprints, Olive Turtle, Thornbird and Paper Missile, respectively. Niyogi Books has also made an entry into the Hindi books segment with the imprint, Bahuvachan, dedicated to publishing Hindi Illustrated titles.

We have also been humbled with several awards and prizes, from across the globe. Some of our books have been short-listed for the Atta Galatta - Bangalore Literature Festival Book Prize, Man Asian Literary Prize, Awards for excellence in Book Production by the Federation of Indian Publishers and the Vodafone-Crossword Book Award. We have also won several international awards like the SHEPs Award, Gourmand World Cookbooks Award and Academics’ CHOICE Awards.

We have always aspired to achieve the highest standards of book-making. Our tagline ‘Fine publishing within reach’ clearly and succinctly states our vision to create books that would be a complete resource on a particular subject. It is also representative of the company's vision to disperse knowledge, not just through distribution and making our books easily accessible, but also by creating lasting memories among our readers.

In August 2018, we opened our first bookstore in Kolkata's College Street, exclusively for our titles.