Giligadu: The Lost Days

Paper Type: Book Print Paper | Size: 216mm x 140mm
Black and white; 168 pages; Paperback
ISBN-10: 93-89136-05-0 | ISBN-13: 978-93-89136-05-0


Giligadu: The Lost Days, by the 2018 Sahitya Akademi Award winner Chitra Mudgal, is a multi-layered novelette, short in length yet deep in meaning and messages for urban India. It is unique in the subtle way it conveys, both to the aged (who chafe at the apparent loss of respect and control) and to the not-so-old (who deserve to live their life on their terms), through the pen of a creative genius, a dignified way out of this two-pronged dilemma—a bold break with traditions and setting new societal rules. It can prove a relief to the mini-wars waged within families and be a recipe for lasting peace and amicable relations. Set in a time frame of 13 days, with two senior men as the main characters, it analyses the relevance of older values in present-day life and the need to change with the times. A page-turner that leaves the reader satisfied and encourages introspection.

Chitra  Mudgal
Chitra Mudgal

Chitra Mudgal is one of the leading literary figures of modern Hindi literature. A prolific writer, she has penned many novels and short story collections for both adults and children as also non-fictional works of import. Her books include Aavaan, Post Box Number 203, Nalla Sopara, Ek Zameen Apni, Bayan, Dus Pratinidhi Kahaniyan, Kenchul, Lakkadbagga, Shoonya, Boodhi Kaki Tatha Anya Natak, to name a few. Many of her stories have featured as tele-films and TV serials. She has been honoured with a number of awards including the Indu Sharma International Katha Samman, Vyas Samman, Sahitya Akademi Award, among others.

Priyanka  Sarkar
Priyanka Sarkar

Priyanka Sarkar is a Delhi-based translator, editor and writer. Her translations of short stories from Hindi to English have been published by Oxford University Press, South Asian Review and Women Unlimited. As an editor, she has worked with Oxford University Press India, Random House India and Konark Publishers Pvt Ltd and currently freelances.