Sunil Gavaskar: Cricket's Little Master

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All colour; 242 photographs; 300 pages; Hardback
ISBN-10: 818973847X | ISBN-13: 978-81-89738-47-1

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During his playing days, he used to be often referred to as the ‘Record-breaking Gavaskar’ or the ‘Century Man’, for Sunil Manohar Gavaskar simply loved to pile up the runs. On his 60th birthday, his admirers join hands to present him with a unique ‘century’ in the form of this book that contains 100 articles on the Little Master. In its 132-year history, Test match cricket has produced some great cricketers and even greater characters. Some of these wonderful cricketers share their personal experiences of having played the game alongside or against Sunil Gavaskar. This book is a tribute to the living legend, a person we all love and admire.

Debasish Datta
Debasish Datta

Debasish Datta has followed India’s fortunes diligently for many years and has rubbed shoulders with the best in the world of sports. To Geoffrey Boycott, Ian Chappell, Sunil Gavaskar, Sourav Ganguly and their fellow-professionals, he is simply known as ‘Debu’. Presently he is the Joint Editor of the daily, Aajkaal, in Kolkata.

Geoffrey Boycott
Geoffrey Boycott

Geoffrey Boycott was born in Yorkshire in 1940 and went on to become England’s (then) record run-scorer in Test match cricket. He played 108 times for his country and scored more than 48,000 runs in first-class cricket between 1962 and 1986. Since retiring from the game, he has made a hugely successful career as a commentator.