A Decade with Tigers: Supremacy. Solitude. Stripes

Paper Type: Art Paper (Matt) | Size: 230 mm x 205 mm
All colour, 375 photographs. 360 pages, Hardback
ISBN-10: 93-86906-03-8 | ISBN-13: 978-93-86906-03-8

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Tigers are symbolic of the Indian wilderness and the mesmerising stripes have long captured popular imagination. A Decade with Tigers is a photographer’s take on the dramatic rise in the popularity of tigers in the past decade. Powered by social media and an increasing number of photographers interested in documenting the various moods and behaviours of tigers in forests across the country, tigers have been anthropomorphised, with some of them becoming the ‘tiger icons’ of India. A Decade with Tigers is a unique tribute to the tigers who have played a vital role as ‘brand ambassadors’ of Indian wildlife. The volume chronicles legendary tiger mothers and male tigers of the past decade, as well as their tales of survival, complemented by exquisite images by wildlife photographer Shivang Mehta, who has spent thousands of hours on the field. Also showcased is the singular diversity of Indian wildlife through spectacular images of the myriad species that share their home with tigers, photographed in terrains ranging from montane forests to the plains of Central India. The book also delves into the changing landscape of tiger photography in India, and contains expert opinions by leading nature photographers on the need for creativity and innovation in the photography and portrayal of India’s magnificent national animal.

Shivang Mehta
Shivang Mehta

A journalist turned PR professional with experience in corporate communications, Shivang Mehta’s love of nature eventually made him leave the cosy comforts of the corporate office for the field. He is now an avid traveller and nature photographer. Over the years, Shivang has conducted more than 200 field wildlife photography workshops and is currently an official trainer for Canon India. He is also the managing director of Nature Wanderers, India’s premier photo tour company, specialising in Indian wildlife including capturing rare species and camera trap photography.