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Project Description

Zohra Segal: ‘Fatty’

  • INR 1,250/£19.99/$38
  • ISBN: 978-93-81523-35-3
  • Size: 267 x 216mm
  • 168pp, 150 gsm art paper (matt)
  • All colour, 127 photographs
  • 6 illustrations
  • Hard back with jacket
The book is the story of the talented actress, in the words of her daughter, Kiran. It takes the reader through the life of Zohra, her early days, her tours, her marriage, life in London and return to Delhi. Accompanied by photographs and an occasional sketch made by the young Zohra, this is much more than a collector’s item.

Kiran Segal


Kiran Segal Kiran Segal is one of the most innovative and outstanding dancers/choreographers of Odissi.She has performed in forty-one countries all over the world and has also participated in major dance

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