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Without Prejudice: Epic Tale of Mumbai Bar Dancer

  • ISBN: 978-93-85285-65-3
  • 216×140


Is a woman’s body her own? How far does her freedom extend? What can she do when social traditions, laws of the land and above all, prejudices of individuals, bind her down; make her a slave to her own identity and turn her into a commodity to be bought and sold? How can she turn back the tidal wave of social events set loose by the origins and consequences of various social traditions? These and other questions rise in the mind of the reader who navigates the pages of the novel and follows the life of Pallavi, through her eyes and the eyes of the two men who play pivotal roles in her odyssey – Rajkumar and Roy, characters the author has lovingly sketched, as he takes the reader through a journey in time. Without Prejudice is an all-consuming story of conflicts, contradictions and change that will tear apart fragile lives, sweep away lovers, and make people desperate for security. Traversing a timeline of 19th century through 21st century, from the ravines, scrub forests and valley of Central India to the lower depths of scintillatingly glamorous Mumbai dance bars and beyond, this is a story of quest, revelation and love for life.



Devasis Devasis attended the University of Calcutta and completed his graduation in commerce. Subsequently, he did his post-graduate diploma in PR and Communications. He chose his career in advertising initially and later [...]

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