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The Kangra Valley Rail

  • 978-93-85285-41-7
  •  INR795 / £12.99 / $20
  • Packing and postage extra
  • 216 x 178mm, 140pp
  • 130 gsm art paper (matt)
  • All colour; 109 photographs
  • Hard bound with dust jacket
The Kangra Valley Train takes the reader on a breathtaking journey through historic Kangra, now likely to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.It is invaluable as a source of knowledge and of interesting tidbits about one of India’s most treasured landscapes.The book employs a casual style that engages readers and allows them to enjoy, as the foreword notes, ‘a picnic, not an expedition’, though it is also a trip of exploration.

Ram Rahman


Ram Rahman Ram Rahman is a photographer, artist, curator, designer and activist. He has photographed architecture for many architects in India and around the world, and also for the Aga Khan architecture [...]

Premola Ghose


Premola Ghose Premola Ghose is an artist and illustrator. In 1998, two books written and illustrated by her were published: Gang Tales from Ranthambhor and The Bodhisattva and the Gang. Recently she [...]

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