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Project Description

So many Journeys

  • INR 3,500/£60/$112
  • ISBN: 978-81-90193-60-3
  • Size: 279 x 279mm
  • 228pp, 170 gsm art paper (gloss)
  • All colour
  • 110 photographs
  • Hard back with jacket
The book is an offering to the contemporary dance-dialogue written by a practitioner who loves her dance and takes immense pride in the fact that she had the opportunity to learn this wonderful art form at the feet of stalwart gurus, and who has continued to experience great joy and satisfaction in performing it and sharing it with widening audiences.  The book received the Best Art Book Award for the year 2006 from the Federation of Indian Publishers.

Rajiv Chandran


Rajiv Chandran RAJIV CHANDRAN is a commentator on the arts, trends and popular culture. His dance criticisms are published under his pen name: "Shani". He is National Information Officer at the United Nations


Geeta Chandran


Geeta Chandran Geeta Chandran is a dance-bridge between the pristine classical style of Bharatanatyam and a more contemporary dance aesthetic. A star-performer and celebrity-artist amongst today's generation of dancers. Geeta Chandran is Founder-President of NATYA

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