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Rapture: The Art of Indian Textiles

  • INR 3,995/£75/$135
  • ISBN: 978-81-89738-80-8
  • Size: 311 x 241mm
  • 244pp, 150 gsm art paper (matt)
  • All colour
  • 200 photographs
  • 1 map
  • Hard back with jacket
The book celebrates India’s spectacular textile art, taking the reader on a visual odyssey spanning 500 years. It traces and showcases rare motifs and images created on cloth for India’s magnificent courts and temples, as well as for patrons in Europe and Asia. This book offers a unique survey of the subject to a new generation of textile enthusiasts, practitioners, and researchers.

Rahul Jain


Rahul Jain Rahul Jain is a textile researcher and historian who lives and works in New Delhi. His publications include technical studies of the traditional Indian drawloom, the woven silks of

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