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Lucknow The City of Heritage & Culture: A Walk Through History

  • INR2,500 / £35 / $49
  • ISBN: 978-93-85285-52-3
  • Size 305x228mm 280pp
  • 130 gsm Art paper Matt
  • All colour; 157 photographs and 139 illustrations
  • Hardback with dust jacket

Lucknow is known as a city of dreams, and 160 years after the elegant court of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, there are almost as many different ways of interpreting it, as there were dreamers. Splendid buildings in brick that have witnessed centuries of history, the chime of temple bells, the call of the muezzin, the magical strains of thumri, the soulful lyrics of ghazals, the expressive grace of Kathak dance, the exquisite crafts, the delicate flavours of cuisine—all these are part of the fascinating city of Lucknow. The famed nazaakat and nafaasat, go hand-in-hand with the marvellous buildings in Indo-Saracenic style. This book takes us on many journeys through a bygone era, exploring the passions and aesthetics of the people of Awadh. It features over 100 colour photographs and minute architectural drawings that recreate the splendour of Lucknow’s historic monuments.

Vipul B. Varshney


Vipul B. Varshney is a multi-talented architect, whose portfolio covers a wide range of projects in India as well as Mauritius. She has designed and executed some of India’s most renowned [...]

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