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Project Description

Light Within, The A Different Vision of Life

  • 978-93-81523-62-9
  • INR1,000 / £20 / $35
  • Packing and postage extra
  • 267 x 222mm; 202pp
  • 140 gsm art paper (matt)
  • Black and white; 145 photographs
  • Hardback with dust jacket
  • A book that captures the extraordinary lives of the visually impaired through images that stimulate genuine empathy and a certain degree of awe rather than induce the usual mix of sympathy and pity.
  • It presents the stories of individuals who have survived to not only pursue their interest but also excel at it.

Sipra Das


Sipra Das Sipra Das is a leading Indian photojournalist who has explored various aspects and phases of Indian life, history and politics with an unfailing eye for detail. She worked with

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