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Project Description

Historical Gurdwaras of Delhi

  • INR595/£14.99/$20
  • ISBN: 978-93-81523-48-3
  • Size: 216 x 178mm
  • 184pp, 150 gsm art paper (matt)
  • All colour, 87 photographs
  • Flexiback
The book is an in-depth research study that brings to the fore the importance of these shrines and their compelling historical and socio-cultural background. The book reveals many intriguing legends and stories associated with the making of each of these Gurdwaras which stand as reminders of the struggles and hardships faced by the Gurus in upholding their faith.

M.K. Pal


M.K. Pal Dr M.K. Pal researches in arts, crafts and socio-cultural fields. He has participated in several Festivals of India in Japan and Europe. As Consultant to Japan’s National Museum of

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