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Project Description

Dilli’s Red Fort: By the Yamuna

  • Heritage
  • INR1,500/£27/$50
  • ISBN: 978-81-89738-27-3
  • Size: 298 x 222mm
  • 180pp, 150 gsm art paper (matt)
  • All colour
  • 16 illustrations
  • 169 photographs
  • Hard back with jacket
The book presents the story of the imposing Fort in red sandstone built by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan (1628-’58).  On 28 June 2007, the monument was declared a World Heritage Site. This book aims to inform, stimulate and opens the reader’s eyes to the wonder that is the Red Fort.

N.L. Batra


N.L. Batra N.L. Batra–a civil engineer by profession– has been closely associated with historical monuments in India for well over four decades. Working on their conservation and preservation, he retired as

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